"Are You Prepared to Learn What Cube Lube Is?" & More Crazy Comic Book Ads

CSBG has a collection of weird comic book ads, including one of the stranger products out there — Cube Lube. What does it do? Find out!

EXCL. PREVIEW: Walter Simonson's "Ragnarok" #5 Rides Toward Valhalla

Thor continues his quest for the Well of Knowledge in this exclusive preview of Walter Simonson’s “Ragnarok” #5 from IDW Publishing.

SOLICITATIONS: Marvel DC, Image, IDW, Dark Horse & More August 2015 Releases

See what’s in stores this August with complete August solicitation info and covers from Marvel, DC, Image Comics, IDW, Dark Horse and more!

$1M Kickstarter Dungeon Crawl Board Game Comes To Trade

The classic “dungeon crawl” has spawned a host of board games, with the latest being Dungeon Saga from Mantic Games and designed by Jake Thornton (creator of DreadBall).  After attracting over a million dollars of pledges from nearly 6,000 backers, Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest will be released into the hobby trade this September.

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Dungeon Saga features the time-honored “overlord” style of play, in which one player assumes the role of the “Necromancer” who controls the actions of the monsters and villains and constructs the game board during play.  The other players act as typical fantasy game heroes (barbarian, dwarf, elf, and wizard) who must work together to overcome the overlord’s evil plans.  For those wishing a less confrontational experience, a fully cooperative version of the game is also included.

The game system uses a combination of dice and cards to control the action.  Characters and heroes are represented by 26 sculpted unpainted plastic miniatures, and all of the tokens, markers, and board pieces needed to play are included in the box.  Ten different scenarios are included as well.

Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest is a game for two to five players, ages 13 and up.  MSRP is $79.99.

In addition to the boxed game, several Dungeon Saga products will release in September.  These releases will include the Counter Upgrade Set ($17.99), the Legendary Heroes of Dolgarth miniatures expansion ($34.99), the Evil Dead Miniatures Set ($24.99), Dungeon Furniture Pack ($17.99), Dungeon Doors Pack with 10 plastic dungeon doors ($17.99), and the Halls of Dolgarth Tile Pack ($24.99).

The Adventurer’s Companion book will also release in September. The 96-page full color book includes rules for solo play, design-your-own dungeons, and character creation. MSRP is $49.99.

A full expansion set, Dungeon Saga: The Return of Valandor is planned for release in November.

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‘Little Nemo’s Big New Dreams’ Tops Toon Books’ Fall List

Toon Books, the publishing company that specializes in publishing innovative and highly creative graphic novels for young readers, has a major release coming out this fall that should truly appeal to comic book fans of all ages.  Little Nemo’s Big New Dreams, which is due out in September, uses more than 30 dreams created by cartoonist Winsor McCay in 1905 as a starting point for graphic ruminations by some of today’s very best comic creators, who both expand upon, and pay homage to McCay’s original visions.

Joshua O’Neill, Andrew Carl, and Chris Stevens who published the spectacular broadsheet-size edition of Little Nemo in Slumberland under their Locust Moon imprint, have provided the original McCay designs.  The “Who’s Who” of contemporary comic creators who riff on McCay’s original dreams includes Charles Vess, Yuko Shimizu, Mark Buckingham, Art Spiegelman, Peter Diamond, Roger Langridge, Paolo Rivera, Carla Speed McNeil, Cliff Chiang, Craig Thompson, David Mack, R. Sikoryak, Marc Hempel, J.G. Jones, and many others.

In-depth forewords by Francois Mouly and Art Spiegelman put McCay’s pioneering work in context, and make this a volume that will be as interesting for older comics fans as it is for younger readers.  Plus an index of contributors gives readers more information on the contemporary cartoonists involved in the project and provides further opportunities for those who want to learn more about McCay and the history of American comics.

Other Toon releases for the fall of 2015 include the October-shipping The Suspended Castle: A Philemon Adventure ($16.95), a classic European kids comic created in the 1960s by Fred (Frederic Othon Theodore Aristides) that will delight readers 8 and up with an imaginative and colorful tale set in a delightful fantasy world.

Toon Books has pioneered graphic novels for very young readers, and two fall 2015 releases follow in this tradition, Flop to the Top by Eleanor Davis and Drew Weing, a modern-day fable perfect for ages 5 and up, and Written and Drawn by Henrietta, a celebration of the creative process created by the Argentine cartoonist Liniers (Ricardo Siri Liniers) that is also designed to appeal to readers as young as 5.  In addition to the English language edition of Written and Drawn by Henrietta, Toon Books is also publishing a Spanish language version (Escrito y Dibujado por Enriqueta).

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‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’ Anime Set for July

Warner Bros. has announced the DVD and digital release of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The Complete First Season (MSRP $49.45) on July 28, 2015.  The release will contain all 26 episodes of the 2012 anime series that follows the genre-mixing, decades-long story of the wealthy young Jonathan Joestar and his adoptive brother Dio Brando, who uses a stone mask to become a powerful vampire in order to get the leverage to control the family fortune.

The first season of the anime, which is based on the popular manga by Hirohiko Araki, covers two distinct arcs, 50 years apart.  The earliest arc, “Phantom Blood,” depicts the battle between Jonathan and Dio for control of the family fortune, while the second arc, “Battle Tendency,” follows the efforts of Jonathan’s grandson to find the creators of the stone mask. 

The 2012 anime series has been simulcast on Crunchyroll, but this will be its first home entertainment release.  It coincides with a general revival of the JoJo property in the U.S. where Viz Media has recently released the original manga (see “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Merch”). 

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'Fantastic Four' Star Michael B. Jordan's Awesome Response to Fans Who Were Angry About His Casting

When it was first announced that director Josh Trank had cast Michael B. Jordan in the role of the traditionally-white Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four, there was a bit of (sadly predictable) fan backlash. It was the same sort of ignorant, unreasonable outcry we’ve endured anytime someone suggests we have a Spider-Man who isn’t white (even though we have one in the comics). Jordan has mostly kept quiet about the senseless anger regarding his casting, but the actor has finally delivered a thoughtful response.

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WeLoveFine Debuts Spider-Gwen Hoodies, Leggings and More

Robbi Rodriguez’s costume design has inspired a forthcoming collection from WeLoveFine, with a variety of options to show your Spider-Gwen pride.

'Deadpool' Star Ryan Reynolds Made One Little Fan's Big Wish Come True

Deadpool isn’t particularly known for being a nice guy, but you know who is? Ryan Reynolds, the star of the upcoming Deadpool solo movie. And when he’s not busy filming action-packed scenes and mouthing off behind that mask, he’s taking time out to be a real-life hero, making one little Deadpool fan’s wish come true.

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ADV. REVIEW: Wood & Zezelj's "Starve" #1 is Another Hit for Image Comics

Brian Wood and Danijel Zezelj’s “Starve” #1 “is a well-paced and entertaining introduction to a character driven story.”

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