X-POSITION: Bunn Toes the Line of "AXIS" with "Magneto"

Cullen Bunn takes on this week’s “Magneto” reader questions, detailing his love of Dazzler and teasing some possible post-”AXIS” developments.

PREVIEW: Outrunning Xenomorphs in "Aliens: Fire and Stone" #1

Chris Roberson & Patric Reynolds’ “Aliens: Fire and Stone” #1 brings readers to planet LV-426 as the colonists try to dodge the violent creatures.

'Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel' #1 Is A Beautiful Showcase Of Cary Nord's Artwork [Preview]

A few weeks ago, we covered the announcement of Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel, the new miniseries from Valiant by Peter Milligan and Cary Nord, and showed off some of Nord’s absolutely stunning art. If, however, you are one of our more sharp-eyed readers, you may have thought “hey, these pages don’t have the color or lettering that I usually see in my superhero comics! I wonder what they’d look like if they were finished?”

Wonder no more, dear reader! Today, you can have a look at the first six pages of the story in beautiful color, complete with Milligan’s dialogue. The story focuses on an adventure from the early days of Gilad Anni-Pada, one of a trio of immortal brothers that also includes Armstrong (of Archer & Armstrong), and it gives Nord’s artwork an amazing opportunity to shine.

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THE COLOR BARRIER: Complainers, Navigators and The Mission Ahead

Joseph Phillip Illidge brings his column “The Color Barrier” to a close with a preview of what’s to come from his new CBR series: “The Mission.”

Creators, Stars of "Mr. Pickles" on the Humor and Horror of the Adult Swim Series

Creators Will Carsola and Dave Stewart discuss the origins of their very bad dog, and the rule by which Mr. Pickles lives — or kills — by.

Geof Darrow, The Return Of Big Guy & Rusty The Boy Robot, And American Apathy [Review]

Geof Darrow made a welcome return to the pages of the Dark Horse Presents anthology recently, in the first issue of its latest relaunch, with a new Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot story. Missing was Darrow’s collaborator on the original 1995 comic, Frank Miller; in an interview prior to the release of the new short story, Darrow said he’d talked to Miller and hoped he would still come on board to write some dialogue, but it didn’t read as overly convincing, so it wasn’t a surprise to see him listed as the sole author in this edition. Needless to say, a Miller-less Big Guy makes for a very different reading experience.

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Tomasi & Gleason Hunt for Damian Wayne in "Batman and Robin"

Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason discuss their year-long story arc in “Batman and Robin” that traces Bruce Wayne’s hunt for the body of his dead son, Damian.

World Art Drop Day Creates A Global Hunt For Original Art

Today marks World Art Drop Day, when artists hide a piece of original art in the wild and leave hints on social media about where to find it.

After Plans To Expand Convention Center Fall Apart, Will Comic-Con International Leave San Diego

Comics-industry insiders say Comic-Con International’s history with San Diego is too well-established for the convention’s organizers to ever pick up and move to another city, but many are fretting about just that after a tax plan that would have paid for an expansion to San Diego’s convention center went bust.
Last month, the Fourth District Court of Appeals struck down a hotel levy that would have been the main funding mechanism for improvements to the convention center. The San Diego City Council decided last week not to appeal that ruling, leaving the convention center in quite a fix. The expansion plan was a big reason why Comic-Con re-upped with San Diego through 2016.

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Michael Cho Isn't <em>Really</em> A "Shoplifter"

Acclaimed illustrator Michael Cho discusses his debut graphic novel, a story of a young woman dealing with her destructive impulses and life in the city.

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